The business model that restaurants follow has evolved rapidly over the past year. Rather than the bulk of their income stemming from foot traffic, restaurants have had to adapt to a more flexible system with more emphasis on delivery. This has led to a major emphasis on restaurant ordering software as the main method of engaging with customers and driving revenue to these businesses.


An integrated restaurant ordering system is a game-changer for a restaurant looking to expand its reach. There are major benefits to increasing your presence online that go beyond the actual ordering system in itself. Below, we’ve outlined some of the most impactful points of restaurant ordering systems to show you why this is the next major step in creating a successful restaurant.

1. Real-time menu.


Your menu is the cornerstone of your business, which makes any adjustments impactful. Seasonal favorites, new menu items, or specials are all parts of the menu that might not remain static. This can cause frustration to customers if they’re expecting to be able to order one item that in fact is not available. By implementing a real-time menu, you can provide an accurate description of your current offerings in an efficient way that eliminates any confusion.

2. Customer-created profiles.

Repeat customers are obviously the end-goal for any business. A profile on the app with frequent orders, favorite items, and saved addresses makes it an easy process to order from your restaurant again rather than ordering from somewhere else. This not only encourages repeat business, but it also encourages delivery orders, which means you get the business without having to give up a table in your location that could be filled with another customer.

3. Advance ordering option.

Restaurant ordering software makes advance ordering an option. This is good news for both you and your customers! Large orders can come in with advance notice so you have time to prepare them. Special requests can be taken into account more easily since they are written down. Plus, if you have the option of delivering a large order, people will think of you as a good option when they need a large order! This will increase your sales and keep your kitchen on track.

4. More step-by-step transparency.

With restaurant ordering software, you can track the status of orders more effectively, meaning you’ll be able to see where slowdowns take place, notify the customer when an order is ready, and avoid impatient customers sitting at your location looking angry as they wait for their food.

5. Reduced risk of missed orders.

With an integrated restaurant ordering software system, everything is digitized, leaving less space for human error. You’re less likely to experience a missed order and the frustrated customer that comes with it!

6. Reduced need for paper menus.

COVID-19 has opened our eyes to all sorts of points of contact that we hadn’t considered before. Menus were one of those points of contact, where customer after customer would be touching the same menu. To combat this during the pandemic, many restaurants opted for either disposable, paper menus, which can be costly, not to mention bad at the environment. As an alternative, some restaurants instead opt for QR code menus that customers can read on their phones. This makes it easy for them to access the menu, it’s a more sanitary option, and there’s no need to be constantly reprinting your menu!

7. Increased efficiency.

Restaurant ordering software means that if you are interested in it, your customers can order themselves, right from their table, when they’re ready. This means they don’t have to wait on a server to place their orders. The kitchen will know if there are any special requests or orders. And all your customer has to do is wait to be served! This keeps the traffic moving, encourages high table turnover, and means you can serve more customers per night.

8. Customer relationship management.

With restaurant ordering software comes data. This data can give you major insights into what people tend to order for takeout, how they might differ from dine-in orders, what time people place their orders, and more. There are plenty of insights you can turn into takeaways when the numbers are put in front of you, and these takeaways can ultimately help you build a better business.

9. Simplification.

Aside from all of the other benefits, restaurant ordering software simplifies a process that can easily become complicated or frustrating both for the customer and those working for your business! An app that digitizes the human interaction of a restaurant cuts down on miscommunications and emphasizes efficiency in a way that means you can focus on your restaurant beyond the day-to-day operations that are necessary to keeping your doors open.

Restaurant ordering software is no longer a nice perk. It has become an essential part of the restaurant industry, and if you don’t have it, you are now at a disadvantage compared to your competitors.

With Tasti, you get all of the benefits of restaurant ordering software from virtual menus to takeout orders, all at the tip of both your and your customers’ fingers. There’s no downside to introducing this software to your business and seeing where it takes you.

If you’re interested in the Tasti Restaurant Ordering System, you can find all of the details on our website. Reach out to us for a demo! Let us show you how Tasti can take your business to the next level, making it more adaptable to whatever the world throws at us next.

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