Since the pandemic outbreak in 2020, the restaurant industry has seen unprecedented changes in the way it has operated so far. Thin margins, reliance on third-party aggregators for online orders, compromising profits for customer experience, and still delivering the best in class service. It was tough, and the pandemic made it even tougher when restrictions like 25% occupancy entered the already gloomy landscape. But there is a silver lining behind every cloud and this time it came in the form of QR technology, becoming the savor of the era at least of the retail sector.

What exactly is QR Technology?

Invented in 1994 by Masahiro Hara, QR codes, or Quick Response code, were designed to allow high-speed component scanning. As the name suggests, the code is quickly readable by a cell phone and conveys a plethora of information. They are used across all types of industries such as retail, marketing, and logistics. But they weren’t quite famous amongst restaurants until 2020 when the pandemic struck, and contactless became the need of the hour.

Today, a majority of restaurants, especially the ones that are open for dine-in, have equipped their establishment with a QR menu to make the dine-in safe for customers as well as staff. QR menu ordering enables customers to place orders on their mobile phones. The order is then received in the kitchen and prepared as per the customer’s instructions. This completely eliminates the need for a physical menu, as well as interaction with the waiter, thereby, minimizing the unnecessary contact.

Why does QR Ordering make digital processes easier for restaurants during the pandemic?

Even though QR codes are something that’s not new to us, but most restaurant owners have just begun to understand the perks of having a digitized system. Not only such a system reduce the risk associated with virus transmission, but also free up the employees from redundant daily activities like writing down the orders and communicating them to the kitchen staff – especially when everything can be done with a few clicks on the mobile phone. This has also led to restaurant owners use their staff in the most efficient manner. Now instead of having waiting staff, they can focus on building a takeaway and delivery team to cater to the needs of another rapidly emerging market segment.

Source: Digital Trends

Since the pandemic, 87% of Americans have agreed that they enjoy the convenience of food delivery at their doorstep, especially if it’s something that they can relish with their whole family without feating the transmission of the virus. In another report, it has been observed that the rapid adoption of Work From Home has led to a substantial increase in the number of online orders placed in restaurants. In 2020, from March to June, 70% of revenue was generated by restaurants came from online orders, out of which 35% was through direct online ordering.

Safe transactions: Needless to say, but the most important reason for implementing QR Menu Ordering in restaurants is to create a safe, no-touch environment for customers as well as employees. One-click QR codes don’t have a minimum scan distance, meaning they require absolutely zero physical contact to be scanned. So as long as the QR Code large and high image quality, people will be able to scan the code with their smartphone even from a distance. This is precisely the reason why QR Codes are a much safer option for mobile payments as well.

Multiple payment options: Unlike a physical setup, where the customer can only pay via cash or debit card, an online ordering system allows customers to pay using their most preferred payment method. From Net banking to Digital Wallets like Apple or Google Pay, to debit/credit cards – the options are unlimited. This also ensures that the restaurant is able to maintain clear and accurate records of all transactions.

Staff efficiency: Now that restaurants no longer need waiting staff, they can utilize employees in other important aspects of operations. Need more staff for takeaway? Adding curbside pickup to add revenue? Or perhaps, need delivery drivers to deliver orders and save on third-party commissions. An efficient online ordering system can help you optimize operations for better revenue and profits.

Update menu in a heartbeat: QR menu ordering system allows you to add, edit and remove dishes when a new recipe is set up or a popular meal sells out. So whether you want to add family meal combos on Mondays and Thursdays or add new seasonal dishes for the upcoming festive season, the digital menu will allow you to keep your offerings relevant and current.

High cart value: With QR Menu Ordering you can also use upsell opportunities to help your customers pick dishes that you think would go well with their chosen dishes. Want them to add Garlic Bread for half a price? Use pop-ups to communicate deals and discounts that would encourage them to add more items to the menu before they checkout.

Instant customer feedback: QR-based ordering system also allows you to take instant customer feedback post each successful transaction. This will help you understand the needs of your customers and their expectations from your brand. The data collected from this small step will help you deliver an exemplary dine-in experience to customers at every touchpoint.

Quick table turnaround: Your customers are no longer waiting for the staff to approach the table to take the order. They can simply walk into the restaurant, pick their table, scan the code and start adding items to the cart. The process itself is quick and short, which would greatly reduce the table turnover time. The shorter the time they spend on dining, the more customers you can cater to by the end of the day.

Accurate customer data: No more guessing! Since each transaction is happening online, you’ll be able to get a clear view of your clients, their preferences, and spending habits. This will help you create opportunities for personalized recommendations and deals, enhancing the overall customer experience.

How to introduce scan to order to my restaurant?

1) Set up Your Digital Menu with Tasti

Tasti is a robust online ordering system that enables restaurants to accept digital orders through QR codes and websites.

Setting up the QR menu ordering system with Tasti is simple, quick, and affordable. In fact, we offer a Free Plan to help restaurants fight the challenging times without feeling any kind of financial burden or added expense, per se. So if you are new to online ordering or wish to test the market demand before going all in, you can get started with Tasti for absolutely free. No hidden charges. We promise!

Now setting up the system is not at all difficult as well. All you have to do is upload the menu on the dashboard and our system will digitize it in accordance with your brand image. Once complete, we’ll give you a walk-through of the manager’s portal so you can make changes in the future. You can also add the list of ingredients, descriptions, and photos of your menu items to make them appear more appetizing for your customers.

Best of all, when your customers order through your restaurant’s digital menu, all the orders are absolutely commission-free!

2) Promote Your QR Code

Once the digital ordering system set up is complete, we’ll generate a unique QR code for your restaurants that will direct your customers to your branded menu when they scan it. Your customers can then browse the menu and place orders with their mobile phones.  

Source: QR Code Generator

Takeaway & Curbside Pickup: You can use the same QR code to accept takeaway orders. All you have to do is print the QR code and place it in the takeaway zone, preferably high traffic and visible areas, where customers can easily walk, scan and place the order. This is a really good way to communicate to people walking by that your restaurant is offering contactless ordering.  

Dine-in: Make sure that the QR codes are placed on all the tables with all the instructions in place so your customers don’t have to waste time looking for options.  Each table should be assigned a table number so when the order reaches the kitchen the staff is able to navigate the table without any confusion.

Website Ordering: To make the most of Tasti online ordering, you can place the QR code on your website, mobile ordering app, as well as on social media pages at no additional cost. This will make your menu accessible to all types of users anytime, anywhere.  

Special note: Most digital ordering solutions require your customers to download the app or access the website, but with QR technology your guests just need to scan a QR code to access your online menu and can conveniently pay on the spot – all this while keeping a safe distance.

Prepare for a digital future with Tasti now!

Improving online presence in today’s scenario is paramount if you want your customers to stay loyal to your brand. On top of that offering them safety and convenience at every touchpoint can really change the game for your business if you do it at the right time and in the right way. The benefits of online menu ordering are not limited to the pandemic era but are going to extend far beyond the lockdown period. The demand for online ordering and contactless dining is expected to increase at an annual rate of 18%, and maybe more due to the coronavirus. Once you successfully implement QR ordering for your restaurant, the survival mechanism will soon start generating huge revenue for your business.