Contactless or No-Touch Technology has now become mainstream during the pandemic to help continue and maintain the full-service dining experience of customers while keeping health and safety at the forefront.

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Innovation, inventions, and creativity, have become the strong pillar of the restaurant industry in the covid-world. As we look further into the impact of the pandemic on the F&B sector, it has become very clear that contactless or no-contact dining will continue to become an integral part of the new normal. Ultimately, there would come a time, when a majority of restaurants would have to start giving in to the new demands of the new world, where their guests expect them to take all necessary measures to maximize safety around their dining experience. 

As the foodservice industry starts falling back in line, consumer fears, and their reactions to the new environment will dictate much of what operators do to support their business through these challenging times. 

We believe it is helpful to spend time looking forward and preparing your restaurant for the future. In this light, we have come up with 5 easy to implement, but powerful strategies to help you elevate your guest experience. 

How to elevate the guest experience with contactless dining

Put a smile on your face

And make the environment as lively as possible. May be your restaurant concept demands a relaxing, cozy, and dim environment, but in the COVID-world where most of the people often find themselves trapped in the four walls of their homes, creating an ambiance that makes them feel light, refreshed, and energized would make a lot of difference to how they connect with your brand. Maybe your staff members are anticipating job loss because of low sales or someone lost a family member recently because of the COVID, each member of your team should face the circumstances with boldface. Make sure that when a guest enters the restaurant, he or she is greeted with nothing less than a big smile and a lively environment that makes them forget the challenges of the outside world. 

Make it easy with instructions 

It’s a new world, mainly dominated by technology and not all guests that you get to your restaurant would be tech-friendly. A few of them could have their own challenges. For example; an elderly may not know how to scan the QR code. Maybe someone is not able to locate the section for deals and offers while placing the order. Then there could be a guest who wants to speak directly to the kitchen but doesn’t know that it can be done via the chat button in the ordering app itself. A good piece of advice would be to make a list of all of such challenges and make an instruction guide for your guests, made available to all guests before they start placing the orders. So try to make it as simple, easy, and accessible as possible for all kinds of people that may walk into your restaurant for a sit-down meal. 

Highlight the chat button

Now that social distancing has become a norm, of course, approaching the guest’s table to help them place orders may no longer be feasible. But guests would always have questions and a lot of them while browning the menu.  From chef specials to the ingredients of the new dish that they plan to try for the first time to their options for vegan and gluten-free meals. So how do you solve this problem? Put up small posters with chat icons on the table, on the walls, and in other visible areas of the restaurant. Remind your guests that your staff is available on chat support to answer any questions that they may have regarding their meals, service, and payments. Most restaurants are now allowing direct chat between customers and the chef preparing meals for them so they can exchange requests and instructions in real-time. Such practice can really make a lot of difference given that now guests can be in total control of their meal preparations, which would instantly elevate their overall dining experience. 

Offer themed specials

You tweaked your restaurant menu to make it more delivery-friendly. But have you considered tweaking the dine-in restaurant to make it more attractive for guests who want to experience the best of both worlds? Keep a few items in the many that are not deliverable and can only be experienced at on-premises dining. This strategy will pull in a lot of people who really want to get some break from the shambles of the pandemic and enjoy a nice, unique and exquisite dining experience outside the boundaries of their homes. Offering weekly specials like Chef Curated Meals, BarBeque Nights, Make your own Sushi, etc. can really help you drive good traction. People who are voluntarily choosing to step out of their comfort zone amidst the chaos of the pandemic are yearning for experiential activities, which if you can club with your dine-in experience can make them visit your restaurant more frequently. This also helps make the brand contagious with positive word-of-mouth marketing. Needless to say, all activities must adhere to the safety guidelines at all times. 

Incentivize to dine-in

With millions of people still grappling with the impact of the pandemic, it really isn’t a surprise that a majority of your customers are facing an uncertain financial situation. This means that a lot of them could be cutting back on their luxury expenses, and having a meal at a restaurant that’s nice and fancy could be the last thing on their priority list. So what can you do to attract them to the restaurant for a sit-down meal? Incentivize their visits. Each meal that they choose to have at your restaurant should be economical and give them ample options to control their cost. So if a couple in their mid-30s only wishes to spend $50 in one seating, make sure that they can do so regardless of the prices you’d like to fix for each dish. Always have flexible food options on the menu that can help customers control the cost of the dish at their own convenience. For instance, a standard whole wheat nacho salad could be costing $5 on your menu, but providing the customization option that would bring the cost down can really help you win the customer for life! And earning a customer’s loyalty is the best thing you can do for your business at the moment. 

Apart from this, it would help to launch special discounts and deals exclusively for dine-in customers to attract traffic to the restaurant.

Use these strategies on no-touch dining to best prepare your restaurant for the future

Remember, compassion and empathy play a key role in the recovery of the industry, which will likely look very different once dine-in picks back up in full swing. Be sure you stay ready so you can deliver safe experiences for everyone involved.

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